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The shops from two campus organizations have collaborated to provide a single point of contact for meeting your design and fabrication needs. These two shops, at Crocker Nuclear Laboratory (CNL) and at Biological & Agricultural Engineering (BAE), have expert machinists, electrical technicians, and design engineers with experience in undertaking the complex and unique projects encountered in the academic setting. Their familiarity with the challenges of research projects allows them to provide a level of specialized attention and advice that off-campus contract shops cannot match.

The shops' equipment and capabilities complement each other. The CNL Machine Shop provides comprehensive machining (including CNC), welding and sheet metal tooling, and specializes in 3D CAD design, robotics, complex parts machining, vacuum systems, analytical systems, and air samplers. The CNL Electronics Shop offers extensive capabilities in electrical and electronic design, electronics fabrication, lab equipment repair, and specializes in the implementation of computer control for robotic mechanical systems. The BAE Shop provides extensive machining and metal working equipment, and specializes in the fabrication of parts from a wide variety of materials. The BAE shop also provides highly comprehensive and sophisticated welding capabilities, with the ability to weld both  very small and very large items. The combined capabilities of these two shops provide all of the capabilities that most research projects would require.

To learn more about the shops' capabilities or to schedule a project, send your request to shops@ucdavis.edu. The managers from both shops will review your request and put you in contact with the shop that can best meet your needs.