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The BAE Shop is located in 1329 Bainer Hall and is set up primarily as a manufacturing machine and fabrication shop. This facility includes computerized machine tools, complete welding capabilities, and wood and plastics equipment. Faculty, staff, and departmental students who have completed the safety/general machine tool training may use the BAE Shop. To have development, machining and fabrication services performed by BAE Shop staff, you must complete a service request providing a DaFIS account number and an authorized signature.

  • Full welding capabilities: 2 Miller 350LX T.I.G. machines , 1 Miller 350P M.I.G. welding machine, 1 Hobart Handler 120v M.I.G., 1 Miller Spectrum 1250 plasma cutter, 1 Linde VI 253C M.I.G. machine, and several welding turntables.
  • Welding Processes: T.I.G., M.I.G., stick, pulse M.I.G., spray arc, flux core, oxy acetylene, silver soldering and brazing.
  • We also do metal fabrication and prototyping:100 ton Pittsburg Ironworker, Ellis belt sander, Ellis 1600 mitre cutting band saw, marvel vertical band saw, various sheet metal box and pan brakes and other metal working machines.
  • Full service machine shop: 4 Bridgeport milling machines, 1 - 2 axis computer controlled 9 x 48 bed, 1 - 3 axis computer controlled 9 x 48 bed, 2 - manually controlled 9 x 42 bed all with DRO'S. 1 milltronics3 axis CNC mill 16 x 54 bed, 1 Haas CNC lathe.
  • Various other lathes and manual mills.
  • Wood working, design, design assistance, metal finishing, assembly, trouble shooting. Work on a wide variety of materials, large and small projects.